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Mr. Sohan Lal Baloni

Mr. Sohan Lal Baloni – It had been quite a journey from the local street dhaba’s of Delhi to the world’s finest restaurants. I have always taken the task of preparing food as an art of cooking. It was always my passion to discover food that attracts and appeals to the tastes of the people. I always like to be considered as a food-lover over a food-maker. In the late 80s, I transformed my passion into my job and started my career in a small restaurant in Delhi. My passion took me across the borders and from there I served in various parts of the world. Finally, I landed in Australia where I settled and explored my love for food. I like this phase in life where I am mastering a dish and at the same time discovering new dishes. I find it really pleasant to serve people with my cooking skills and I felt that the love and appreciation I get from the people is all I wanted at the end of the day!
So come to DIC, enjoy your meal here and make your day!

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