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Mr. Amit

I think it was my Mother who became my first inspiration in the world of culinary arts. I still remember that one day when I entered my home after being exhausted and dying from hunger and asked my mother to prepare something. It was a matter of a couple of minutes, a hot mouthwatering dish was in front of me. By the time I took the first bite of it, Half of me was already satiated. I was so fascinated that this tiny moment created my love and passion for this art. I graduated from IHM Trichy and completed my training in Hotel Ashoka, New Delhi. I believe it is my hard work and dedication that brought me to one of the best hotels in Australia on the Gold Coast. I discovered to develop new dishes, work ethics, and the aesthetics of this beautiful art. Collaborating with DIC is a wonderful experience showcasing my talent and skills. so please! COME! EAT! & ENJOY!.

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